Partnership/Franchisee Offer:

How can you fulfill your dreams by joining with brain manthan international?

Brain Manthan International is the first company in India to make a partnership with franchisee, any company in India offers a franchisee, never make a partner.
Brain Manthan International is the first such company in India, by investing between 10,000 and 3 lakhs, you can become a millionaire by working as a partner in the company.
Brain Manthan International company offers partnership to all franchisees. No company in India does this.

Why do you work with the Brain Manthan Company?

a) Low investment franchisee can start from just 10,000.

b) All franchisee brain manthan is family like company

c) Fulfilling the dream of every franchisee is the company's first

d) The company offers abroad for every 3 mahine and also very
attractive prizes for all employees and franchisee.

How Can You Earn a Profit by Becoming Our Partner/Franchisor?

We do DMIT test and workshop in school, coaching, hometutor, private & government office.

Let's understand with an example-

Throughout the year, we do DMIT and counseling in 5 schools.

100 childrens from a school come to our class

Only 5 schools in a full year=500 student ,fee -5000 per/student

Annual income only school = 25,00,000/-

Monthly income = 2,00,000 /- (approx.)

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