Brain Programming & Memory Of Bhagwat Geeta

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About Course

What Is Brain Programming ?

You Will Be HAPPY To Know This Is India’s First Brain programming course .

This Course has been made after a lot of research, this court has been made by coach Pushpendra, this is a natural way to develop the brain and transfer the brain, inside this course is brain-related exercise, memory meditation is about nutrition It has been told and how to increase your visualization observation is explained in it.

Benefits Of This Workshop:-

  • Left & Right Balance.
  • Work On Neuronal Pattern, Structure & Function.
  • Long Term, Short Term & Instant Memory Increase
  • Natural & Organic Development.


  • Memory , Focus,Concentration.
  • Excellent grasping power.
  • Improve Mental Health.
  • better Creativity & Imagination
  • Better exam Result.

What Is Memory of Bhagwat Geeta ?

Secret Revealed:-

This course tells about the secret of those great world record holder Guinness record holder, how he made so many records in memory and how we can improve our memory so much.

Benefits Of This Workshop:-

  • Work On Basic & Advanced Principle Of Memory.
  • Secret Revealed (World record , Asia Record & Guiness Record).
  • Install Memory , Memory Block.
  • Read Once & Remember Forever.


  • Recall Power.
  • Memory Recollection.
  • 99% Marks.Enjoying Studies.
  • Academical,mentally Health
  • Brain work 10x.

NOTE :- You Will Get This Course With Lifetime Validity,In Which Your Problem Solving Class Will Also Be There.

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Course Content

##Introduction Brain programming

  • Introduction Brain programming

#21 Changes Challenge ! Bonus Video

1) What is Memory

2) Nutrition for brain & Body

3) Brain Exercise

4) Brain Gym

5) Brain Boost Up

6) Eye Exercise

7) Visualization

8) Sunining Sun

9) Memory Meditation

10) Closing Ceremony Of Brain Programming

##Introduction (Memory Of Bhagwat Geeta)

1) 21 changes Challenge Answer Video

2) Basic Principle Of Memory

3) Linking Method

4) Shape Method

5) Value Method

6) Bhagwat Geeta Of Our Memory

7) How to Remember Important Days & Date

8) Formation Year of Indian State

9) Road Method

10) Room Method

11) How to Remember Date Of Birth

12) Remember Calendar In Just 10 sec.