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Mr. Pushpendra Kushwah is the founder, CEO and young entrepreneur of the company, he is known for his multitasking ability and dynamic personality, he made his way into a different field, starting from a simple job to success, but wanting to do something else Were. Swami Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam, Elon Musk have always been his role models, he saw 11-12 thousand children commit suicide every year due to stress, burden of studies, lack of proper guidance, fear of occupation, parents are not able tounderstand children.

Children are not able understand parents. Parents have a lot of expectations from children. after so much effort, the children are constantly under stress, they took the responsibility of ending this problem quickly, they want to revolutionize the field of education, then He founded Brain Manthan International Pvt Ltd, Brain Manthan International has started the project of education in India today in Japan, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

It was not easy as a young age, but hard work , The right intention, the right plan and the habit of always learning new, brought them to this place, it is ideal for the youth today, it and their team are working successfully in many cities of India, all parents and children Today a lot of love is being received, their dream is to reach every house in India, in every house, children need to make complete brain changes And enabling them to become stress-free, so that children can fulfill their every dream, use their full potential, brain, children are the future of India, today they have given successful counseling to 50 thousand children, Mr. Pushpendra Kushwah Has a mission of, they aim to make one child a quantum child, a talented child in every household in India, and also employee promising people in all cities of India,Brain Manthan international company in scientific education field there is to become india’s no-1 company.

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